designers circus


First, we don’t define ourselves in any traditional way. Our value and satisfaction comes from creating something unique in this world. No market hype. No PR. Something against the grain, that we and you.... can treasure.

Second, we want a personal relationship with every one of our customers. After everything is said and done, it is the only thing that is important, everything else is shadows.

Third, we are not offering or market driven. We are not trying to understand our customers wants. We are trying to bring customers into our WORLD and to convince them via the PRODUCTS and EXPERIENCE. To convince them, Via the Designers, the ARTists, and the individuals, who are true craftsmen and craftswomen and whose work is their passion.

And fourth, we don’t have sophisticated financial plans. Our objectives are qualitative. It is much easier that way, and it allows us to follow our passions free of time and numbers, and to work at it until we get it right.

Like an ARTist or a designer.

For 30 years our focus has been on creating designs and products, which is the artistic side of business. When you design something, you never know if people will like it. But as an Artist, you create to satisfy your own impulses and needs.

It is a relentless focus on continuously creating, innovating, and trying new things. It is the product, the product the product.

Now that we are no longer designing ourselves, we are still focused on the designs, the products and the designers.

And today, because of our commitment to designers, we are able to present more designers and more products, with continuous turnover, than any other comparable company on the planet. So for people who visit us, you are treated to a world of possibilities, and our customers, who unlike other places are also the employees, can help introduce you to our world.

And help you with your needs.