designers circus


The Circus is different

At the Circus, our employees are customers who decide they want to be in the Circus as employees. Our customers are our friends. There is no difference between our customers and our employees. That creates a unique environment.

When you visit the Circus, you are dealing with people just like yourself.

Our designers are our friends. Our mission is to help them. Small designers, businesses and craftwomen who have unique needs. The Designers Circus grew out of our own designer years and experience, to help each other with our problems. We still do.

Kathleen O’Neill has over 3 decades of design experience with her own design lines, BLANCO NEGRO, a handwoven, hand loomed, hand dyed contemporary line produced by MAYANS in Guatemala. Her inventory sales with fellow designer Jan Wilson began the Circus on Boston’s Wharf.

Will Norris is a physicist, economist, venture developer with over 40 years of creative developments. He created the identity, images and structure for the Circus when it emerged from its simple beginnings.

Sandy Hughes is a real estate broker who provided years of guidance and labor and fun.

The families, provided the historical images of sailing, skiing, surfing, Aspen, the Americas Cup, and more, and that gave the Circus its early identity. The Circus images weren’t marketing manufactured, they are real.