The CHEEGWEAH JAGD VEREIN, or Thunderbird Hunt Club, (In Potawatomi Cheegweah is the word for THUNDERBIRD - JAGD VEREIN is Deutsch for HUNT CLUB) is the private hunt club of the Norris and Kutschenreuter families in Wisconsins Kettle Moraine. It is situated as a component of the Norris Family Farm, known as Prairie Flower Farms, llc., the 150 year old farmstead

Originally envisioned as a game farm by William R Norris, in the 1960's CHEEGWEAH is the development of his grandson, Liam Norris, of Boston and Silicon Valley.

Efforts at reforestation, continuous restoration of wetlands for wildfowl, and the State of Wisconsins game development and pheasant releases have turned Wisconsins Kettle Moraine and other parts of the state into a success at wildlife reintroduction and restoration.

Deer, pheasants, ducks, fish like steel head, trout, sturgeon, and many more have returned and all have seen sizable growth in the past 40 years.

Bald Headed eagles can be seen

The Falcons have nests.

The wolf has returned

CHEEGWEAH the legendary Thunderbird can be seen. Looking off across the prairies and marshes it can be seen if one looks closely and squints, circling silently in rhythmic swoops in the final rays of the setting red sun seen thru the silky grey mists to the west and watching over its domains in the Kettle Moraine.

CHEEGWEAH is back.