We are changing

The world changes and we are changing. In 2021 you will be seeing some new things from us. For years behind the scenes we have been working at a variety of innovations. The pandemic has given us the time to focus on some of these and 2021 will see their release. We have become a start up again. Focusing on the essentials and core attributes that we have build over many years with our customers, our designers, our network. That network now extends around the world.

Oh Had I a Golden Thread. We are separating our generosity from our commerce and creating its own entity. For decades we have been generously giving. It began years ago, when Kathleen, known as KO, would travel to Guatemala to produce her BLANCO NEGRO line. Through 20 years of civil war KO would travel into the mountains to meet with and help her Mayan weavers. Women were being killed. Nuns were raped. Atrocities were a continuous occurence. Buses were not safe. Soldiers and police were not your guardians. No where was safe. And yet, KO would travel and smuggle huge duffles of contraband to give to orhphanages and others. She would navigate the civil war and engage in social commerce. Helping natives in difficult conditions thru commerce and jobs. That kind of helping has never left us. The Haitian disaster, the Somalian women flight, the Soviet Union collapse, and in many other incidents we have helped those women. Everyone is a social warrier these days and telling the world how they are doing good. But how many of them actually walked the walk, by plunging head on into a civil war and placing their lives at risk and helping? We are different.

Boutique in a Can Boutique in a Can is our approach to creating an architechural and image identity, throught the commerce of MOBILE BOUTIQUES. Resarched for 20 years, the pandemic and its destruction have created the need. We have modeled it afte MOBILE MEDICAL CLINICS

Flying Naked Lady For 20 years we have been creating ART, in the form of our AFFICHES ARTISTIQUES that everyoe has come to love. Concurrent with that athleisure has become a core part of womens wardrobes. Flying Naked Lady is our approach to athleisure. We call it ART LEISURE a blend of our ART with your usual athleisure wardrobe, leggings and everything. KO was a pioneer in wearing leggings 40 years ago. So what has taken us so long?

Streaming Stay tuned

Crypto Stay tuned

Blockchain integration Stay tuned