Flying Naked Lady

It was a dark foggy night in a decaying boatyard. The buildings were close together next to the waterfront. People would shortcut thru the maze. Strangers would appear out of the mists and then disappear. Ghosts would meander and wander the ways. The fog would roll over you and the horns would sound from boats on the water declaring themselves. Portland in summer could be cold. As cold as winter.

This is New England. We have Ghosts. We have Ichabod Crane. We have the Headless Horseman. We have the Salem Witch Trials of which an ancestor regretably played a part. As a society, we struggle with fear, and puritanism. The battle between each is neverending. Each of us tries to find our way.

Nn a crumbling building on Porland Maines waterfront, on just such a night, around 3 A.M.,inspiration came for The Flying Naked Lady™. Will was awake, while Kathleen slept cozy one room away. They were in a part of the decaying boat building reached by stairs, and down halls, and around staionary boats casting shadows in the dark. No sounds but the sound of old boats, and empty halls. It happened as if by seance or religions connection. Out of the mists of Portland Harbor. It came to him, at that time, at that place, on that cold foggy night.

Will Norris is a sailor. A legendary scow sailor from corn and snow country and the Source of the Mississippi. He'd sailed the Oceans and the Lakes and the Harbors of the World. Where else can a sailor go, and have the MUSES and GHOSTS appear to inspire creation. Is there anything better than a foggy harbor and boatyard full of sailboats?

No, we don't think so either. The FLYING NAKED LADY was created by Will Norris in Portlands Boatyard in the summer of 2004.