The Flying Naked Lady™ is an ART LEISURE line of leggings and ART imprinted T's originating from the legendary DESIGNERS CIRCUS™ of Boston and New England.

Over 20 years, the Circus has created what are called AFFICHES ARTISTIQUES artworks to celebrate each season. Affiches Artistiques were promotional posters created in Paris at the turn of the 19th century that were used to promote creative events, like ballets, concerts, theatrical productions, and more.

Circus founder, Will Norris imagined a SERIES of ART extending over decades celebrating the Circus, New England, and the creative community. His partner Kathleen O'Neill enthusiastically joined in. At the beginning of each year, the ideas for that years art would magically come together. The MUSES were always good to us. The photographer, artists, models, and photo shoots would be planned. The sessions turned into fun events for everyone. And we didn't always get alot done. It was too much fun I am afraid. But when you are private company and not terribly motivated by money, that's OK. We live for our ART and our friends not our MONEY. In particular the ART we create. Famously, an employee once asked, "don't you want us to SELL customers on buying things when they visit, and we said, "NO, we don't care if they buy anything. We just want you to make friends with them and their family and make them a part of our family. Show them our world. Learn about theirs. Help them if they need it."

The ART used on Flying Naked Lady products originated during those two decades. We produced it. We created it. It utilizes New England artists, local customers and various friends and workers of the Circus. Under the FAIR USE DCCTRINE the ART pays homage to legendary Artists, like Toulous Latrec, Mondrian, Picasso, Monet and others, by incorporating the STYLE of some of their legendary work. Not everyone knows who these people are. We revere them and show our reverence by referencing their works in our own AFFICHES ARTISTOUES

The Collection forms the basis of the Flying Naked Ladies ART LEISURE line of products

Art Leisure refers to the utilization of our ART together with todays Leisure products used as comfort leisure wear, like leggings, shorts, t's and other simple products. These are not products typically found in Womens Boutique Clothing Stores. They are a segment unto themselves

We hope you like our work, and our ART, and enjoy being a part of our family.

The Journey we have taken to get here has been a wonderful reward.